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A Mother’s Mark

May 11, 2019 — She occupies the most important job in the world. It’s 24/7 and requires more heart than any other, and she may just be our first glimpse into what “Director of Operations” means. She is, Mom. With Mother’s Day approaching this weekend, it’s the perfect time to honour the impact our mothers have had on our success. To celebrate, we’ve connected with some of our cohort members to share stories about how their mothers have impacted the success of their growing businesses.


Jamie Ayles – Bow Valley BBQ

I definitely get my work ethic from my parents especially my mom. They had me when they were 18 years old and while my dad was working as a chef all hours of the week, my mom raised my sister and I while working full time as well. She always got behind me in sports and she recognized my drive to go work at an early age and agreed to let me start working in a restaurant after school when I was 12 years old because she new how driven I was to do so.


Laura Incognito – Little Tucker

My love for being in the kitchen comes directly from my Mom – she spends hours in there every day, absolutely loves cooking for other people and rarely lets anyone else step foot in the kitchen while she’s in her zone. So, when she came to visit me in Canada in 2015 when I had just started Little Tucker and was still making product from my house, she couldn’t just sit by and let me be the only one in the kitchen. She spent days helping me hand roll my energy balls and dove right into cleaning the piles of dishes I would accumulate every 30 minutes. A year later when I was working from a commercial kitchen, she still couldn’t stay away and spent the day scrubbing the walls clean for me!


Tim Donnelly – Culcherd

My mother was pivotal in many aspects of starting Culcherd and developing the values that have shaped the business. She has helped with many of Culcherd’s events from day one and has been an avid taste tester & sales ambassador. More importantly, however, her health battles with severe allergies and an autoimmune neurologic disorder have had a tremendous impact on the product. She is the reason why we pride ourselves in having a clean label and short ingredient list, as well as why we don’t use preservatives or fillers and focus on being rich in probiotics & healthy fats.