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Adventure cocktail mixers company, BarCountry, partners with MEC and Cabela’s

November 23, 2018 — Looking to take a margarita out on your next snowy adventure? Cohort IV member BarCountry is now available in outdoor retailers MEC and Cabela’s!

The entire line of BarCountry’s Pocket Cocktails can be found in MEC and Cabela’s locations across the country. This includes a Coconut-Lime Margarita, a Pickled Bloody Caesar and a Cherry Infused Old Fashioned. The company will also be adding a new product flavour – Elderflower Moscow Mule – that will be available in stores for Christmas.

“When we first started the business, MEC was our main target,” said co-founder Mathieu Plamondon. “We wanted BarCountry and our Pocket Cocktails to be available to all outdoor enthusiasts in Canada and there is no better place than MEC to reach that audience. With just over a year under our belt with a product to market, we not only gained nation wide distribution with MEC in Canada but we also gained its U.S. equivalent, REI. This is a great opportunity for us and we couldn’t be more thrilled about this year’s growth.”

BarCountry’s current focus is driving their customers into these stores to build brand awareness and move product off the shelves.


BarCountry founders Kole Kuntz and Mathieu Plamondon

“As we approach the Christmas season, we’re focusing our marketing efforts to let outdoor enthusiasts know we’re available in these stores. At only $9.99 for a 4-Pack it makes a great gift for any adventurer,” said Mat.

Mat’s success with this retailer comes from his participation in the District Ventures cohort four program, where he learned to approach new retailers and grow relationships with existing ones.

“Our journey at DV helped us immensely by better understanding how distribution works for CPG companies, whether it’s working with distributors, brokers or going direct with the retailers. Understanding these scenarios helped us keep good margins and build a successful partnership with MEC and Cabela’s,” said Mat.

Over the next few months, Mat is focused on expanding BarCountry’s presence in the outdoor industry so more adventurers can experience their products. They’re also looking to secure a distribution deal with a nationwide liquor retailer to bring their Pocket Cocktails to even more consumers.

“We are proud to say that we’ve gained the biggest outdoor retailers in Canada and the U.S., but we’ve only just scraped the surface of BarCountry’s success,” said Mat.  “We have a lot of work left to do before moving to other markets, but we see great potential within the hospitality and liquor industries in North America.”

Purchase BarCountry products at MEC and Cabela’s, and make sure to leave an online review! You can also purchase them at their online store here.

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