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District Ventures is accepting applications on a continual basis for the next available Cohort. The five month cohort programs take place in the spring and fall of each year, generally starting in February and August.

  1. If you wish to apply, please submit your application online today. We strongly encourage you to submit your application no later than April 15th for the fall cohort and by October 15th for the spring Cohort.
  2. Selected companies will be interviewed in person or over the phone.
  3. If selected for the program, you are expected to be in the accelerator for one full week per month, for five months, to work alongside other members.
  4. As a District Ventures member, you will have 24/7 access to our accelerator space, including desks, offices, boardrooms, reception service, printers, coffee, tea, Red Bull and beer.
  5. Please try to answer each question in 120 words or less.

Good luck!

Company Details

Company name:

Company location:

Company website, if any:

Phone number (preferably cell):


Reason for applying:

Names of all founders, separated by spaces:

Total revenue during last 12 months:

Total revenue expected for the next 12 months:


  1. What is your company’s product or service?
  2. If it is a product, what percentage of sales are of branded versus private label product sales?
  3. What percentage of your sales are in Canada versus the U.S. or other countries?
  4. For each founder, please list: Name; age; year, school, degree, and subject for each degree; email address; and present employer and title (if any). List the main contact first. Separate founders with blank lines.
  5. Please tell us about an interesting project, preferably outside of class or work, that you created.
  6. What's new about what you're doing?
  7. Do you have domain expertise in this area?
  8. What do you understand about your business, industry or market that other companies in it just don't get?  
  9. What is the market need or trend are you addressing?  
  10. Who are your competitors, and who might become competitors?
  11. Which competitors pose the greatest threat to your company?
  12. Which competitors are most likely to find you a threat?
  13. How long have the founders known one another and how did you meet?
  14. How do you manufacture your product and where is it manufactured (if applicable)?  
  15. How long have you been working on this venture?  
  16. How much money do you spend per month?  
  17. Why would your product be hard for someone else to duplicate? Please list any barriers to entry for others to replicate what you have created.  
  18. Do you have any IP and/or patents (or patents pending?)  
  19. What might go wrong? (This is a test of imagination, not confidence.) 
  20. When were you incorporated? Who are the shareholders and what percent does each own?  
  21. How have you funded the company to date? If you’ve had equity or convertible equity funding, how much, at what valuation(s)?
  22. If the company is located outside of Calgary, are the founders able to be in Calgary for programming days (5 days per month for five months)?
  23. Do any founders have commitments in the future that could impact the operations of the business?
  24. Is there anything else we should know about your company? (Pending lawsuits, cofounders who have left, etc.).
  25. Are any of the founders covered by non-competes or intellectual property agreements that overlap with your project?
  26. Will any be working as employees or consultants for anyone else?
  27. What single thing convinced you to apply to District Ventures Accelerator?
  28. How did you hear about District Ventures Accelerator?

Application video instructions

Please provide a 1-2 minute video to introduce the founders, explain your company and product, and tell us something unique about you and your team.
There’s no need for a script or graphics, we just want to get a sense of your personality and passion for your company.
Please upload your video to YouTube and cut and paste a link to your video in the space provided below.
Please make sure to test the link to ensure we can access it.
If you don’t want others to find your video, mark the video as unlisted. Do not mark it as private.

Video URL:

Privacy Consent: The Company acknowledges and agrees that the information provided in this application will be shared, on a confidential basis, with members of the District Ventures management team, its personnel, and its sponsors and partners. The information will be used to evaluate your application and to assess your needs for financing, professional services, and other resources.