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Arlene Dickinson’s thoughts on Canadian entrepreneurship and innovation

July 19, 2018 — In a recent interview, our CEO Arlene Dickinson sat down with Mediaplanet to share her thoughts on innovation and supporting Canadian entrepreneurs.

The interview touches on Canada’s potential to become one of the most prosperous countries in the world, as the entrepreneurial movement continues to grow.

Mediaplanet: What makes the Canadian landscape so unique when it comes to innovation?

Arlene Dickinson: Canada has several advantages when it comes to driving innovation. We have a strong education system that produces world-class engineers, scientists, and business people as well as extraordinary natural resources, from natural gas to precious metals. We have dependable technology infrastructure, a stable and transparent government, and the secret ingredient to driving innovation which is hard working, creative, and brave entrepreneurs. As a nation, we have all the raw ingredients to be the most innovative and prosperous country in the world. The task we have before us is to turn these raw ingredients into products and turn those products into international businesses.


District Ventures CEO Arlene Dickinson

Furthermore, Arlene also gives some thoughtful insight as to why Canadians should care about supporting entrepreneurs.

Mediaplanet: Why should Canadians care about entrepreneurs?

Arlene Dickinson: Canadians should care about entrepreneurs because they are the most important element of the Canadian economy, and ultimately, help build our social and cultural makeup. When an entrepreneur creates a successful business, they generate incremental wealth for the country, which contributes to the tax base, which contributes to the social programs we as Canadians hold so dear, like public health care and education. If you’re a patriotic Canadian, you should be passionate about helping entrepreneurs succeed.

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