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Stop in at the New Calgary Heritage Roasting Co. Café

Calgary Heritage Roasting Company’s (CHRC) new café in Ramsay is THE spot to plan your next coffee date. Co-founders Mike Wenzlawe and Jamie Parker poured their heart and soul into updating the space in such a way that is consistent with the CHRC brand, while preserving many of the building’s original historic elements. With plenty of interesting design elements to take in, you won’t be left short of conversation as you sip and enjoy your coffee.

When you first walk in, you can’t miss the intriguing room to the left which houses some special pieces. These pieces are a true show of the integrity behind the CHRC brand; a coffee roaster, photos of the original C.C. Snowdon building, chopped wood, and a rustic camping kettle.

The chopped wood and kettle serve as a reminder of Wenzlawe and Parker’s earlier days as wildland firefighters; where they first tried a hand at roasting coffee in the bush using a cast iron skillet. It also signifies  the campfire they sat around when their business idea was first dreamed up – an idea that would eventually compel the pair to start Calgary Heritage Roasting Co.

Supporting a local artist out of Cochrane, the coffee shop features a piece by Michael Sydoryk of Wild Form Art. The bear in the painting is betoken of the brand’s logo which features Bubba, the bear.

The C.C. Snowdon building has been at its 11 Street S.E. location for more than 100 years, first structured as one of Alberta’s first oil refineries. Wenzlawe and Parker repurposed wood from the building’s basement, using it for tables in the seating area.

Stepping down into the basement, you immediately get the feel of a quirky event space, which is just what Wenzlawe remarks is in their future plan. With similar design elements as the main level, including the structure’s original safe door, it is a great size to hold an intimate chic event.

Coming from Cohort Three, we’re very proud to see the great team at CHRC grow and expand their footprint. When CHRC opened their doors earlier this month, 100% of their profits were donated to Alberta Red Cross – supporting people affected by the wildfires. This generous act is a true show of the founders’ character and the brand’s commitment to community.