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Cohort III members share first year of business learnings with YouInc

June 14, 2018 — Recently our members were featured in a YouInc article where they shared lessons from their first year in business. Here’s what they had to say!

Cohort III members Calgary Heritage Roasting Company and Confetti Sweets sat down with YouInc and shared how they’ve come to appreciate success after learning a few things in their first year of business.

District Ventures member Calgary Heritage Roasting Company

Mike Wenzlawe and Jamie Parker, founders of Calgary Heritage Roasting Company

“I learned how difficult and important it is to have work-life balance. I learned how fulfilling it can be to create a product and an experience that others want and gravitate towards,” said Jamie Parker, co-founder of Calgary Heritage Roasting Company.

Parker also offered some advice for others building businesses.

“I believe a way to become a beginner again is to always be a life learner and bite off more than I can chew. Discomfort typically leads to growth moments in a company. I always tend to question why things are done a certain way or why I’m paying for a service and if it’s possible to teach myself how to tackle that same task – it’s shocking what you can teach yourself. Once Mike [co-founder] or I have perfected skills, we tend to pass off these skills to our employees and see how they perform. This frees up our time and empowers our employees.”

Kathy Leskow, the owner of Confetti Sweets, said asking for help and utilizing every mentor was really important for business viability.

District Ventures member Confetti Sweets

Kathy Leskow, founder of Confetti Sweets

“Another steep learning curve I’ve entered is the process of launching into the grocery chains, which is a completely different business model. I’ve been getting advice from every business I can think of that has taken this path, and I’m utilizing every business mentor. I attend as many trade shows as I can to check out new ideas.”

Leskow also shares how she challenges herself to begin again:

“I love learning and I embrace learning from others. I want to know what my team members think and what they’ve heard from customers. They’ve also become more familiar with production processes, which I’m not as involved in, so if they have any ideas to make that more efficient, I trust they know better. The worst that can happen is we try something new and it fails, in which case we go back to plan A. I really believe in learning from mistakes.”

Continue reading the article on YouInc here.

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