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Lost in the Sauce

Based in Toronto, Lost in the Sauce (LITS) is a gourmet sauce brand founded by Karthy Subramaniam in 2018 to elevate the food experience through flavour and spice. The journey began as a way to honour one of his best friends, Brandon Boodoo, who passed a year before LITS launched. The first flavour on their line-up, the OG Boodoo, was inspired by the homemade Trinidadian pepper sauce Brandon's dad would make that would take food to the next level with the perfect balance of flavour and heat. Joining the journey soon after, Karthy's partner Doris became an integral part of showcasing why LITS is different from traditional hot sauces. Through each carefully crafted recipe, Karthy and Doris are on a mission to highlight the LITS experience by creating sauces that are all-natural, vegan, gluten-free, low sugar, and low sodium. The goal is to bring people together through their shared love of spice and make their products as accessible and functional as possible for people with special dietary needs and busy lifestyles. No meal deserves to be bland and the LITS team wants to guarantee that it isn't by getting you Lost in the Sauce with their unique flavours. Head over to to see what your meals have been missing!

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