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Diana Olsen shares how she grew her company from the ground up

CEO and founder of Balzac’s Coffee Roasters, Diana Olsen, joined Arlene on this week’s episode of Venturing Out with Arlene Dickinson.

 Diana’s entrepreneurial journey is unique – she’s grown Balzac’s to 13 locations across Ontario, all while balancing single motherhood and a healthy lifestyle. Her journey also led her to pitching and successfully receiving an investment on Dragons’ Den. Her focus on her company has been on growth and expansion, but she notes that it’s important to know when to step aside:

“It is important to me that the company keeps growing for their [the employees] sakes. That’s a really important reason for growing a company, so that you can take them along for the ride. I’m letting the company lead me, and not me lead the company. And I’m happy to do that.”

To hear more from Diana on Episode 4, click here.

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