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Dino Trevisani gives advice on how entrepreneurs can build a successful business

July 25, 2017 — On this week’s episode of Venturing Out with Arlene Dickinson, Arlene is joined by President of IBM Canada, Dino Trevisani.

Dino and Arlene recently partnered to create the District Ventures and IBM Innovation Space in Calgary, a space that brings entrepreneurs together with big enterprise to help solve some of Canada’s top business challenges. The accelerator helps companies incubate and innovate ideas rapidly and helps them move their business plans to commercialization. The space enables entrepreneurs at various stages of the business development process to excel through services such as mentorship, exposure to clients, collaboration, support through ground-breaking technology and more.

Dino is the President of IBM Canada and leads an IBM team that is “passionate about delivering value to its clients; helping Canadian organizations both large and small use innovative technology to transform their business and realize their full potential.” Dino has held a variety of diverse roles over his 30-year IBM career including finance, business management, sales, and marketing, coupled with geographic and global executive assignments. He has also done work in financial services and management, retail banking, capital markets, insurance and more.

With a diverse background, from being an entrepreneur in the medical technology field to President of IBM Canada, Dino gave some valuable insight into how entrepreneurs should look at building a company. In this episode, he shares what he believes to be one of the greatest factors to running a successful business:

“I think communication is critical. And not inspection, but collaboration and engaging and giving them ideas, or more importantly removing their obstacles. We know that the greatest ideas come from being together collaborating,” said Dino Trevisani.

To listen to the full podcast and to get more guidance from the Episode 2 guest Dino Trevisani, President of IBM Canada, click here.

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