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Six easy ways to reduce your carbon footprint for Earth Day

April 22, 2019 — Happy Earth Day! Celebrated worldwide every April 22, the purpose of Earth Day is to encourage people of all ages to become motivated about their commitment to the planet’s environmental conservation.

The easiest way to start is to calculate your carbon footprint and determine the impact you’re having on the environment. While there are many ways to track your carbon footprint, our team at District Ventures has put together a list of products that will help your transition in reducing yours.



#1. Greenlid

Greenlid provides a hassle-free option to composting. It’s the first compostable and disposable composting bin, made entirely in Canada from locally-recycled cardboard. Just fill it, seal it and toss it in your backyard compost bin – it’s that easy! The recycled cardboard breaks down with your compostable waste, producing nutrient rich soil while providing a mess and smell free option to composting. Their newest product uses their patented recycled cardboard base to make it easier to clean up after your feline friend.  Get it online here.

#2. All Clean Natural

With spring officially here, it’s time to think about spring cleaning! All Clean Natural’s wide variety of all natural cleaning and home care products are the perfect solution. All Clean Natural products are made with non-toxic plant-based, biodegradable and natural elements – meaning every product is safe for you and your family! You can trust that you’re doing your part to help Mother Earth while ensuring your home is clean with these safe cleaning products. Check out their entire collection online here.

#3. Naledo

Did you know that when you purchase Naledo’s Truly Turmeric, you are empowering communities? Naledo partners with over 300 growers in Belize that farm its wildcrafted turmeric root in small-scale productions. With the extra income, Belizean growers can invest in quality education, health care, nutrition and much more, allowing them to build a secure future for their families and communities. Naledo also promotes entrepreneurship and youth training by providing access to education resources, both to its farmers and entrepreneurial youth that lead its operations. Pick up your bottle of Truly Turmeric today and help support Naledo’s vision of ensuring everyone has access to a sustainable livelihood.

#4. Genuine Tea

As the purveyor’s of Canada’s Third Wave Tea movement, Genuine Tea is bringing more authenticity and transparency to Canada’s tea industry. Genuine Tea partners with farmers across Asia to acknowledge the tea makers around the world and ensure they are fairly compensated for their craftmanship. Genuine Tea is leading the shift from convenience and quantity to freshness and quality by providing the harvest date, region and elevation of the tea leaves. Browse Genuine Tea’s variety of online flavours here and help close the gap between the tea in your cup and the people who have dedicated their lives to producing it.

#5. All Things Jill

At All Things Jill, they recognize that human beings are now at a critical turning point relative to our planet, and understand the urgent need for creating sustainable, viable alternatives. All Things Jill uses the most luxurious and desirable organic oils, salts, butters and clays to help relax, restore and rejuvenate the mind and body, without doing harm to Mother Earth! Browse their products online here or check out where you can pick them up closest to you here.

#6. Drizzle

When you choose Drizzle honey, you’re shortening the journey of your food from farm to plate, which reduces your environmental footprint. With flavours like Turmeric Gold, Ginger Shine and Cacao Luxe, saving the planet has never been tastier! Drizzle also supports local farmers and beekeepers, along with organizations that support its favourite pollinators, ensuring that everyone can enjoy ethical, raw, local honey for generations to come. Find out where you can pick Drizzle up here so you can make the world a little sweeter.