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Healthy Easter treats from District Ventures

April 22, 2019 — We hope you enjoyed a fantastic Easter Weekend! Did you know U.S. consumers are expected to spend almost $6 billion on food for Easter this year? Think about how many treats you can buy with that!

Our team at District Ventures has curated a list of healthy Easter treats that ended up in our baskets this weekend. The best part? You can get these tasty and healthy goodies year round. Check out our list below so you can include them in your basket next year, or on your grocery list this week!


#1. Little Tucker

Are you a choc-holic but tend to overindulge? Then Little Tucker’s energy bites are perfect for you! Complete with a perfect mix of cacao powder and nibs, you’ll be able to feed your chocolate craving while preventing a sugar crash later. Order online or find out where you can pick up Little Tucker treats closest to you here.

#2. Real Treat Kitchen

If you’re a big fan of butter and sugar, then Real Treat Kitchen’s Oatmeal Raisin Cookies should be your new go-to treat. Made with organic ingredients, including real butter and sugar, these cookies pack the perfect melty flavour without the added sugar! Each serving contains only five grams of sugar, allowing you to have a truly guilt-free treat. Order online from their cookie shop here or find out where you can pick these up just in time for your next gathering here.

#3. Maze Bar

Need some energy to make it the first day back from a long weekend? Made with natural ingredients like dates and nuts, Maze Bar is guaranteed to keep you going! You’ll have a hard time choosing between their two great flavours Apple Cinnamon and Cherry Lemon, so our advice is to just get both. Get them on Amazon here.

#4. Love Good Fats

Trying to keep your craving at bay? You’re going to need some Love Good Fats bars. These bars are made with healthy fats like almond and coconut oil to help curb your hunger and come in six delicious flavours. They’ve quickly become one of the fastest growing keto-friendly brands in North America. These are perfect to store in your office for the week as everyone brings in their leftover Easter chocolate. Check out their closest store location to you here.

#5. Sweetsmith Candy Co

Okay, we needed to highlight at least one item for those of you with a sweet tooth. Sweetsmith Candy Co specializes in candy, the old-fashioned way! Their brittle highlights nostalgic flavours like Peanut and English Toffee, and even some more adventurous flavours like Green Tea Lavender and Smokey Bacon. Their Birthday Cake and Carrot Cake flavours ended up in our basket, but you can shop all of their flavours online here. (P.S. They also have sugar-free versions).