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Matthew Corrin shares his insights of being a young entrepreneur and how to succeed

August 1, 2017 — Matthew Corrin, founder and CEO of Freshii, joins Arlene on this week’s episode of Venturing Out with Arlene Dickinson.

Matthew Corrin founded Freshii, a healthy fast-casual food company, out of Toronto when he was 23-years-old because of his passion for healthy eating. Over the past 12 years, the company has grown into a major international franchise. In this week’s episode, Matthew gives us a unique look into how he achieved his success: by instilling guiding principles at every level of the company, including:

“Talk is cheap, execution sets you apart. There is a difference between talking and executing. If you’re going to go do it. Go out there and win. Don’t talk about doing it, and don’t spend most of your time at conferences. Spend most of your time with your head down and executing.”

Since Freshii’s start in 2005, the restaurant has rapidly expanded into a major international business with 370 locations spanning over 20 countries. Its future growth plans include expanding to 760 locations worldwide by the end of 2019. Matthew’s mission when founding Freshii was “to create a model that was scalable, branded and would improve the way people eat all over the world.” Freshii aims to make healthy eating convenient and affordable for everyone and is now the fastest growing health and wellness brand in the world. The company is also incredibly involved in philanthropic work including working with WE and Free the Children, and implements a sustainability strategy known as Mission Green to reduce the environmental impacts on the business through initiatives such as paperless marketing, biodegradable packaging, energy efficient stores, and more.

Matthew is a recipient of various awards including the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year, a place in Canada’s top 40 under 40, the Canadian Foodservice Professional Restaurateur of the Year and more.

For more insights from Matthew Corrin, founder and CEO of Freshii, listen to all of Episode 3 here.


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