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Celebrating Momprenuers: Jennifer Giorgianni Shares Her Entrepreneurial Journey

As May comes to an end, we continue to be impressed by the amazing stories of motherhood we’ve seen on social media throughout the month. With that inspiration, we’re compelled to shed light on a founder who’s journey with entrepreneurship was motivated by her daughter. Jennifer Giorgianni, a Cohort 17 member of our Accelerator program, is the founder and super mom behind Riley’s Kitchen.


Located in Barrie, Ontario, Riley’s Kitchen prides itself on producing healthy and delicious pancake mixes suitable for all ages starting from babies. 


Building a business is no small feat, but for mothers like Jennifer, the journey is filled with unique challenges and rewards. Jennifer believes that the key to success lies in an unwavering desire to bring value to others. As a mom of two young children, she understands that finding delicious and healthy food for babies and toddlers shouldn't be so difficult. Her professional background in health and wellness helped fuel her passion for creating nutritious products for kids of all ages. 


“I just wanted to bring value to others,” said Jennifer. “I knew I was not the only mom who struggled to find products that would be good for my children’s health. This helps me understand and connect with my target consumer on a personal level.” 


Jennifer openly acknowledges that being both a mother and a business owner is challenging on many levels. The balancing act of navigating the ups and downs of entrepreneurship while caring for young children can be overwhelming. Yet, she insists this should not deter other moms from bringing their own ideas to life. 


For mothers struggling to start their entrepreneurial journey, Jennifer suggests joining local business networks, attending industry conferences, and connecting with like-minded people through local and online communities. 


“Sometimes just one conversation you have with someone can provide a solution you were looking for, and it does not cost you anything.” 


Reflecting on her experience with Riley's Kitchen, Jennifer emphasized the importance of community when building a consumer packaged goods company. With the support from her community and friends she discovered the true value these products bring to society. In the beginning, she faced numerous challenges that included navigating food regulations, finding reliable suppliers, and establishing a high-standard production process. Initially, she planned to serve her products locally, but within a year, the demand for Riley's Kitchen products grew exponentially, attracting interest from large retailers. 


Jennifer's commitment to bringing quality products to mothers who care about better ingredients for their children is at the heart of Riley's Kitchen. Despite the difficulty of balancing her business and family life, her passion for learning, curiosity, and creativity drives her to scale the company. In the near future she plans to expand her product line, increase production capacity, and explore new distribution channels to ensure that her nutritious products are easily available to consumers across Canada. 


Jennifer finds motivation in small, daily moments with her family, believing that children should always be a priority. When purchasing Riley's Kitchen products, consumers can trust that they are made with the best quality ingredients, including organic, locally sourced produce, and provide the best nutritional value for their children. 


For other moms with entrepreneurial aspirations, Jennifer’s advice is to take it one day at a time. “It doesn’t have to be something huge," Jennifer mentioned. "The best way to bring your idea to life is to start small and see how it goes.” 


To celebrate all mothers on an entrepreneurial journey who stand as a testament of perseverance in overcoming multiple life challenges, it is our commitment to acknowledge the hard work and hurdles momprenuers are facing in this challenging industry. We dedicate our efforts, resources and programs to providing support they, and other entrepreneurs, may need along the way.

Follow Riley’s Kitchen on Instagram: @RileysKitchen.Ca

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