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Finding a Sales Broker

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

Growing packaged goods companies often find it challenging to make those first connections with retail chains and many choose to be represented by sales brokers to streamline the communication process. A sales broker has established contacts with retailers, product distributors, and other industry members.

Sales brokers also offer a range of consumer packaged goods expertise and business growth support. It can be hard for early stage brand owners to navigate their options when it comes to finding the best fit for their stage and brand.

Graham Matheos, Founder and CEO of One for the Road Brewery Co. shares his insights:

"Finding the right sales broker is important for growing your business. Our broker is part of our growth goals and sales strategy. This has allowed us to leverage relationships with customers and focus our combined efforts on the best channels to accelerate our growth"

See the free Finding a Sales Broker Park Guide for more insights, questions to ask and a list of Canadian sales brokers to help you explore options that will help you meet your distribution goals.



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