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Finding Co-packers

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

For many brand owners as demand grows a move to a co-packer is the next step. The pathway to finding a co-packer is different for every company because the range of products and processing requirements is so large in the food industry.

Co-packer arrangements differ but there are things to keep in mind when researching;

  • minimum orders, pricing

  • scheduling; frequency, lead times

  • storage of ingredients and packaging, warehousing of finished products

  • shared shipping or distribution options

  • possible shared ingredients, packaging supply, printers

  • how will product need to change: package, size, format, quality, ingredients, etc.

  • manufacturing certifications: gluten free, organic, non GMO, etc.

  • food safety programs: HACCP, SFCR License, GFSI

  • confidentiality and exclusivity agreements

  • co-packer agreements

  • co-packer and brand owner match for values and shared goals

Venturepark Labs has gathered some resources to help the search:

CFIA list of companies with current SFCR license(authorized to ship out of province)

Food In Canada Buyers Guide:

Provincial Resources:

BC Co-Packer Tool:



Ontario (recently not functioning, check back again)


(co packer portal being developed)

Food Manufacturing Directories (1 free search allowed with basic membership)


  • Reach out to your provincial regulatory agency for contacts

  • Connect with industry associations for your category (see related Resource Library post)

  • Check out of province

  • Consider US options

Check back here frequently for more leads to help the co-packer search!


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