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Growing in the Kitchen: Making Breakfast Easy Peasy with Erin Borgfjord

Entrepreneurs are used to moving fast. A day in the life of an early-stage entrepreneur typically involves jumping from meeting to meeting, strategizing business plans, building relationships with customers, and the list goes on and on. If they are a part of the Venturepark Labs community, entrepreneurs are also hand-making every order in our commercial kitchen facility. The passion that it takes to be an entrepreneur requires a significant amount of energy and time, which means breakfast may not be the highest on the list of priorities.

That's where Toronto-based CPG company Easy Peasy Pancakes comes in. Learn more from founder Erin Borgfjord on the ways Easy Peasy Pancakes is simplifying breakfast routines across Canada and how her venture began at the Venturepark Labs Kitchen.

Venturepark Labs: Tell us about Easy Peasy Pancakes and what makes it unique!

Erin Borgfjord: You've never made pancakes like this. Fluffy and rich buttermilk pancakes with no measuring, no mixing, no mess. Just add water to the bottle, shake and cook.

We pack 30 grams of protein into each bottle to power-up your day. We make our mix from scratch using the same wholesome ingredients that you use at home, then we add a scoop of plant-based protein to keep you going strong all day long.

VP Labs: What steps did you take in your entrepreneurial journey before launching Easy Peasy Pancakes?

EB: I completed my MBA, spent 15 years in media and tech, and launched several start-ups on my path to where I am today. My family and our health have always come first and having a busy career and two young children meant that I needed meals that were nutritious and quick to prepare. I wasn’t satisfied with store-bought baking mixes, so I started blending my own pancake mix from scratch and keeping it in a bottle in the pantry. I reduced the sugar and salt and added plant-based protein to make it a complete meal. At breakfast all I had to do was add water to the bottle, shake, and pour right into the pan to cook. I had hot pancakes, packed with protein, on the table in minutes. Once my friends started begging me to prep extra bottles for them, I knew that I was on to something exceptional.

VP Labs: How did you hear about the Venturepark Labs’ kitchen and what made you want to join?

EB: I first began at the kitchen back in 2019, when it was Food Starter. I had a few concepts for different food ventures, and it was valuable to be able to rent flexible commercial kitchen space to keep costs down while trying out new ideas.

I am grateful to Arlene Dickinson for taking over the kitchen and turning it into Venturepark Labs. Right from my first orientation I started making meaningful connections with the staff and fellow entrepreneurs. I have had colleagues help me source ingredients and make introductions to other people in the industry – and I’ve been able to do the same for them. It’s an unbeatable ecosystem for start-ups.

VP Labs: How has your business grown since becoming a member?

EB: We launched our first product (Easy Peasy Pancakes) in our online store, partnered with five charitable organizations, and we are in talks with multiple Canadian and US retailers and distributors. We’ve been busy!

We have two new flavours coming out soon, and we have several more products in development. As we grow, we aim to partner with more organizations to tackle food accessibility and child hunger in our community. If you would like to collaborate with us, please reach out!

VP Labs: If you had one piece of advice for early-stage entrepreneurs – what would it be?

EB: Begin now. Start a business that is meaningful to you and your community. Make a truly excellent product or service.


To shop Easy Peasy Pancakes, visit

To become a member at our commercial Kitchen facility located in Toronto, Ontario, reach out to us here.



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