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Industry Associations

Industry associations can be a good way to keep informed and expand your network in your part of the food industry. Many offer free information, connections, events and resources.

To help you out we have compiled a list of industry associations that you might be interested in:

•Canadian Institute for Food Safety:

•Food and Beverage Ontario:

•Alberta Food Processors Associations:

•BC Food and Beverage:

•BC Small Scale Food Processor Association:

•Food Processors of Canada:

•Food and Beverage Atlantic:

•Canadian Institute of Food Science and Technology:

•Baking Association of Canada:

•Canadian Spice Association:

•Food, Health and Consumer Product of Canada:

•Canada Health Food Association:

•Canadian Beverage Association:

•Canada Organic Trade Association:

•Canadian Dairy Commission:

•Canada Meat Council:

•Protein Industries Canada:

Packaging Association of Canada:

•Startup Canada:

Check back as we add to this list!


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