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Working With An Ingredient Supplier

Updated: May 15

For growing food companies there comes a time to shift from sourcing ingredients from retailers or wholesalers to purchasing directly from food ingredient manufacturers.

There are many benefits such as:

  • consistent product, supply and price

  • price discounts on large orders

  • processing location delivery

  • co-packers require ingredient information for review and approval

  • direct communication with the ingredient manufacturer:

    • establish quality requirements

    • product info: ingredients, nutrition, allergens, country of origin, process, etc.

    • food safety certifications

  • access to specialty ingredients that enhance product quality, shelf life, processing

  • advice and expertise on quality improvement or processing support

Initially it can be challenging to find ingredient suppliers who sell in small enough amounts in the early stages, especially for perishable ingredients. The move to ingredient suppliers is often a gradual journey that requires a lot of searching.

Watch for additional posts with tips and resources to help with the ingredient supplier search.

For more info on ingredient supplier options, check out the Food In Canada Magazine Buyers Guide: here.

By Marlis Bens, Venturepark Labs Program Manager


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