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Ingredient Sourcing 101

Updated: May 15

In the early stages of product development it is common for food brand owners to source their ingredients from a retail store or a wholesaler. While this works in the early stages of production to accomodate lower volumes, sourcing from a reliable ingredient manufacturing partner is foundational to growing a great food brand.


  • Consistent price: Purchasing contracts ensure long term ingredient price stability.

  • Guaranteed supply: Ingredient manufactuers have expertise in reliably sourcing agri-food ingredients.

  • Consistent quality: Retail products can change or be discontinued without notice, working with an ingredient manufacturer reduces that risk.

  • Choice: Many ingredients are available in multiple versions so you can select the functionality, quality, package format, that works best for your application.

  • Product information: A reliable ingredient manufacturer will supply product specifications with information on: processing, country of origin, quality targets, regulatory compliance, 3rd party certifications, allergens, ingredients, nutrition, food safety controls, etc.

  • Allergen control: Completed "Allergen Check Lists" are vital information to have on each ingredient to back up allergen free product claims.

  • Custom blending: When volumes are sufficient an ingredient manufacturer can often preblend multiple ingredients into a custom blend to increase produciton efficiency of the final product. This often applies to grains, flours, spices and seasonings.

  • Competitive advantage: Finding the right ingredient manufacturing partner who will make you a custom ingredient or sell to you exclusively contributes to your product being superior to the competition, unique and not easily imitated.

For more info, see Resource Library posts on Finding Ingredient Suppliers and Ingredient Supplier Specifications.

Written By: Venturepark Labs Team


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