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Label Design 101

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

Designing a packaged goods label is an opportunity for brand owners to convey their brand message but they must also create a label that will make an impact on consumers when on the crowded store shelf.

Early stage brands often choose a "do it yourself" approach to label design and progress to working with consumer packaged goods design professionals as their company grows. The path is different for each brand owner and it can be challengeing to sort through the options.

Fanta Camera, Founder of VitalyTeas and a Venturepark Labs program graduate shares her insights:

"Smart deisgn is critical for creating a memorable package. For our new VitalyTea Chicobab beverage we worked with a label designer who helped us communicate the brand and benefits of our unique chicory and baobab fruit beverage mixes. It was worth the investment to have a final package that makes a strong impact when our consumers see it on store shelves. "

See the free Label Design 101 Park Guide for more insights, questions to ask and a list of Canadian consumer packaged goods label designers.



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