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Maryam Asmat, CEO of HouseCook: Her Impact at the Food Incubator and What's Next

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

HouseCook was founded in 2019 by CEO, Maryam Asmat, alongside her mother and head chef, Fatima Fayyaz. Maryam wished to fulfill her mother's dream of owning and operating her own kitchen. While completing her university, Maryam noticed there was a lack of options for homestyle, fresh and healthy meals for students. Upon graduating and working, Maryam realized the same issue for working professionals.

Thereafter, Maryam and Fatima began preparing fresh homestyle meals for their family and friends who had busy schedules. With the overwhelmingly positive feedback, Maryam quickly identified that a large gap existed in the South Asian food industry, where there was a lack of options for healthy meals that were both delicious and authentic. Maryam and Fatima have been able to completely innovate the cuisine and have inspired a lifestyle change for many of HouseCook’s customers. The meals they prepare maintain authentic flavors, are cooked fresh and have no pre-made ingredients added.

HouseCook has served hundred of meals across Ontario as community members at Venturepark Labs Food Incubator. As they've experienced significant growth, HouseCook now offers dishes from various cuisines and a complete healthy menu consisting of dishes like whole wheat pastas and a variety of salads.

"The team at the Food Incubator is extremely supportive - from the staff to the other companies using the facility, it is an extremely collaborative and supportive environment", Maryam explained.

At the Food Incubator, Housecook used the space for growth by putting in production time, refining their value proposition, and pushing the potential of their business.

"Determination is the biggest lesson we've learned so far on our journey. You must maintain your determination through all the ups and down. There are many challenges and many exciting moments that come along the way. It is very important to remain steadfast and continue working towards your goals. Remaining determined is also very important to keeping you and your team's motivation levels up".

One of the more exciting moments for Housecook includes moving into their own kitchen space after a few short months at the Food Incubator which they used as a launchpad for their business. Maryam explains, "we have been able to grow our customer base by adding new delivery cities. Since we are now in Burlington, we are able to deliver further West. Moreover, we have more time and space so we can now increase our menu options and introduce catering services. Up next, we hope to continue delivering to more cities and expanding across Canada".

Along with the new space and the integration of catering services, HouseCook has generated interest from the likes of BlogTO and Breakfast Television, where they were able to share their story, values, and innovations within the meal delivery space. There is no doubt that the brand has been cooking up some exciting changes for their business at the Food Incubator and we look forward to following HouseCook's journey as they continue to shake up the industry.


To shop HouseCook, visit If you're interested in becoming a member at our Food Incubator, click here to learn more.



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