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Sourcing Environmentally Friendly Packaging

Updated: May 15

The Canadian consumer demand for environmentally friendly packaging continues to grow. As a brand owner it can be challenging to know what to look for. Step one is to understand the packaging options and to avoid "greenwashing".

The Canadian Competition Bureau of Canada has published the Environmental Claims and Greenwashing guide that helps brand owners understand the regulations related to environmental claims for Canadian sold packaged consumer goods.

In the guide they advise brand owners to ensure packaging claims are not misleading or exaggerated, are specific about the benefits, verifiable through testing, and do not imply that it is endorsed by a third party unless it is.

The Canada Department of Innovation, Science and Economic Development has published a guide about Environmental labels and claims to serve as a education tool for consumers and brand owners. This guide answers common questions including background on the commonly seen SPI Package Symbols that are used to identify plastic packaging composition, and the use of the Mobius Loop which indicates if a product is recyclable or contains recycled content or both.

Brand owners can ask their packaging supplier to share test results for claims such as biodegradable or compostable. 3rd party certifications related to packaging can be a helpful "short cut to trust" for consumers, and will have documented standards and an approval process to ensure legitimacy, this can be a great addition to a products value proposition.

Many packaging suppliers are a helpful resource in understanding the range of environmentally friendly package options and their impact on the environment.

Written by: Venturepark Labs Team


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