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Trademark Registration

Updated: May 15

The term "trademark" refers to a unique brand, logo, slogan, etc. used to identify products from others in the marketplace, it is part of brand's identity.

It is possible to register a trademark in Canada to ensure the same or similar trademark can not be used by competitors across Canada for 10 years after registration and possibly longer with renewals.

In Canada, trademark registration is done through the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO).

For more information on trademark registration and to learn about other forms of intellectual property protection (copyright, patents, etc.), see the CIPO website: here

The CIPO has also published a "Trademarks Guide" to help brand owners learn the fundamentals of trademarks and learn more about the registration process: here

For a quick overview of different intellectual property topics, you can also check out the CIPO learning modules: here

Written By: Venturepark Labs Team


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