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A new Canadian food category!

Updated: May 15

Get ready for a new category of food products to hit the marketplace in Canada!

In July 2022, Health Canada announced the Supplemented Foods Regulations.

These new regulations allow for certain products such as beverages, juices, tea, coffee, granola/protein bars and confections to be supplemented with specific vitamins, minerals, amino acids, caffeine and taurine.

These new Supplemented Food products will have a unique Nutrition Facts table and in some cases will need to have a cautionary statement to warn about over consumption.

In the past brand owners who wanted to add vitamins, minerals, amino acids or caffeine to most food products had to go through the Health Canada approval process called a Temporary Marketing Authorization. A common example of this type of product is the caffeine added energy drink category.

This new regulatory framework allows more brands to launch products without going through the complex and resource intensive TMA approval process.

We can expect to see these new types of products in the beverage, bar and confection category in the month ahead.

See the Health Canada announcement and the actual regulations for more info:

Written By: Marlis Bens, Program Manager Venturepark Labs


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