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Where Are All The Workers?

Updated: May 15

Staffing is one of the challenging aspects of a start up, or any business truly, but its especially challenging for non regular or batch work situations, where full time, or even predictable hours might not be possible. So, when hiring people to work directly for you is not an option yet, knowing your other options is a great step.


There are a many staffing agencies, and just as many bad stories about them! Be careful in who you work with, and price should not be the main deciding factor. The benefit of an agency handling your HR functions is certainly high, but you might compromise on quality and consistency. This model works best for mid term projects, where you can invest some time in training, and have the same people day to day. Agencies also give you the option to “buy out” a worker if you want to hire them permanently.

Here are a few options to explore:

App Based Solutions

For jobs that are simple, short term, or very last-minute, there are some clever app based solutions that make finding staff as painless as ordering an Uber! Typically, these workers are independent contractors, and will have robust profiles, so you will have some insight into their skill set before agreeing to hire, and all billing/payments are handled on the app. The biggest plus can be the skills of the people, as the bulk of this work force are typically fully employed but looking to pick up some extra hours. The downside is, you might not get the same person multiple times, and this can be expensive.

Here are a few options to explore.

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Written By: Eric Wood, Venturepark Labs Food Incubator Kitchen General Manager


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