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The Best Valentine’s Day Dessert

February 12, 2019 — Despite popular belief, Valentine’s Day is really only about one thing: sweets! Did you know that consumers are expected to spend $448 million on candy for the holiday? That works out to be 58 million pounds of chocolate and 36 million heart-shaped boxes.

Are you looking for a sweet Valentine’s Day dessert idea? Try this easy dessert recipe using District Ventures products. Each can be enjoyed deliciously on its own, but combined together, they deliver a mouth-watering flavour that will have you making this a staple for any special occasion.

Start the base with Torill’s Table’s Waffle & Pancake Mix

Great things are built on strong foundations and that’s why we’re using Torill’s Table as the base for this dessert. The light and fluffy flavour doesn’t overpower other tastes and makes it easy to incorporate into any dish. With an added health kick of whole wheat flour, flax seed and almonds, it will make dessert feel indulgent without the guilt!

Get your mix just time in for Valentine’s Day or surprise your loved one with a Waffle Set by shopping online here.


Add ice cream mixed with Confetti Sweets cookies

It wouldn’t be a sweet treat without cookies from Cohort III alumni Confetti Sweets. Their cookies use only the best ingredients that you would find on your grandmother’s top pantry shelf – real butter, decadent chocolate and premium vanilla. Enjoyed by the likes of Jamie Foxx and Joan Collins, we’re sure they’ll live up to your standards too.

Crumble up the cookies and mix them with ice cream to add a cool dimension to your waffle. For this recipe, we chose their signature sugar cookie, but any of their flavours would elevate this dessert!

Find it in the bakery section at Sobeys/Safeway locations in Alberta or pick it up in Edmonton here.


Finish it off with Drizzle honey

You thought this dessert couldn’t get any better, didn’t you? Top it all off with a spoonful of Drizzle and you’ve got an explosion of flavour.

For this confection we chose Drizzle’s Cacao Luxe Superfood Honey. Its dark chocolate flavour will satisfy any sweet tooth while giving you a mood and energy boost from the superfoods cacao and lucuma.

Get that ooey gooey drizzle by warming up the jar of honey in a bowl of warm water for one to two minutes. Take your spoon, drizzle the honey on top, then dig in and enjoy!

Get Drizzle shipped right to your doorstep just in time for Valentine’s Day by clicking here.